We, the Dreamers

Hey there.

My name is Ana. I am 25. And I was born with a rope around my neck.
Some call it umbilical cord, but I have a tendency for being over dramatic and will call it that. It’s also more theatrical, and I need that in my life. 

I am slightly crazier than most people and I am pretty sure that can be tracked down to that rope on my neck the day I was born.

You know how in movies they say you see your life flash before your eyes when you are about to die? The wonderful memories in warmish tones of all the firsts and the funs and the people you love. I wonder if I saw something.  But then again what could I have seen if that would be true? Blessed memory that does not allow me to go that far back.

25 years on, here I am: got ride of the rope and went for a scarf – London is colder than you might think.

I dream and work all day, often dreaming while I’m working but not always working on my dreams (yeah, I know, that’s wrong).

I love a bit of everything and everyone and I am completely unaware of what I want to do with my life – we’ll see how it goes while it goes for as long as it goes.

I am funny as hell – at least that’s what I. and S. say and if they say it it must be true – not at all related to the fact that they’re family I am sure.

That should do it for now. My life is a kids rollercoaster, not a full grown up one – those are scary ass bitches.

Keep royal,